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What We Do

What we do - The Center For Institutional Finance

Our mission is to provide “Banking for Good” that funds faith-based organizations with a complete program to meet all long-term financing and working capital needs. 

This includes Loans, Mortgages, 100 % Tax-Exempt and Taxable Private Placement Bond Finance, Working Capital, and special “no cost” Energy and Resource Conservation Financing.

We fund:

  •  K-12 Christian and Independent Private Schools
  • Early childhood programs
  • Higher education institutions with a special focus on faith based private Colleges, Universities and Theology schools
  • Churches and faith-based organizations
  • Faith-based economic development corporations that can include Affordable, Senior Independent and Assisted Living projects.
  • Independent Public Charter Schools

The Center for Institutional Finance is the nation’s leading Financial Advisory, Investment Banking, Working Capital and Fund-Raising Service for faith-based and nonprofit organizations.

Our expertise focuses on a Capital Markets approach that provides money:

  • At the lowest interest rates in the market.
  • The longest repayment terms.
  • The greatest possible financing flexibility.
  • The smallest possible “down payment” necessary. 

Our full service approach also manages your fund-raising campaign and provides the capital funds needed to complete your project.  We developed “Right-Sized Debt” ™ to provide the perfect balance of contributions; grants; special funding programs for energy and resource conservation and balance your remaining funding needs with mortgages, loans, working capital, or long-term debt that can include 100 percent tax-exempt and taxable private placement bond finance, and other products .

What Sets CFIF Apart?

The Center for Institutional Finance employs a capital markets approach that seeks the absolute lowest cost of finance anywhere in the market while giving you the greatest possible flexibility to meet your organization’s needs.

How We Do It?

The Center for Institutional Finance carefully listens to your project financing needs then assigns our team of financing experts who become a part of your team.  Together, we develop the loan, working capital, capital market financing, or revenue enhancement strategy critical to meeting your needs for educational, faith-based, not-for-profit, multi-family, or senior living project funding.  Our highly specialized financial experts can also develop planned giving and project financing sources to generate new revenue sources for your school, church, or nonprofit organization.

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