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CFIF Careers

The CFIF opportunity

The CFIF opportunity offers professional across many industries the opportunity to utilize their past working experiences and connections to build a lucrative income for themselves. As an associate with CFIF you are responsible for your own success but we are here to provide with training and resources to achieve your career and income goals.

Career Financial Specialist

CFIF Opportunity

The offers a Career Financial Specialist is engaged to provide financial services directly to our national base of clients, who are seeking to raise capital through debt, a mortgage, or direct placement of their financial obligation with an institutional lender.  Career Financial Specialists also provide access and consulting services for various programs that improve the revenue and cash flow of our client base using the unique, proprietary programs developed for this purpose. Programs include, energy and safety, planned giving programs, capital fund drive activities, and grant writing and solicitation programs for our clients. Persons with a wide range of financial backgrounds and experiences can be highly effective in this role.

Independent Field Contractor

CFIF Opportunity

An Independent Field Contractor may choose to work with us while retaining their other career employment or business. Persons seeking this path choose to enhance their income while maintaining their current positions.  For example, you may choose to develop prospects while working as a Realtor, an Insurance Agent, a Homemaker, or Independent Business Owner.  An Independent Field Contractor earns 1099 income by introducing our products and services, but relying upon our Career Financial Specialists to develop the product and serve the individual client.  The Independent Field Contractor earns income primarily through introducing products and services to their client base as well CFIF base of clients nationwide.  

Referral Agent

CFIF Opportunity

Referral Agents provide contact information to potential clients in need of our services and are paid Finder’s Fees.  In most cases, a Referral Agent is not technically versed in our products and services, but has a relationship with a client or client group whom they believe can benefit from our services.  Referral Agents are paid directly, from net proceeds of successfully completed transactions.  Such income is paid, at closing, on a 1099 income basis.