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Looking for the little wins

How one district manages the new remote school year by focusing on social-emotional learning first

Everyone has a crazy COVID story. For Brigantine, NJ Superintendent Glenn Robbins, it goes something like this—lead a school district through a global pandemic having hardly met the students, parents, or faculty.

In this conversation with eSchool News, Glenn details the never-ending variables of getting back to school in 2020 and how the priority should be well-being first. In some cases, technology can help–not hinder.

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eSN: You started in this position just a few weeks before the madness began right?

GR: Yes, I started here in February, and then the whole world shut down in the middle of March. I had to quickly start getting to know everybody. We didn’t know what this was going to look like or how long would we be out for. We brought in our city manager, we brought in our mayor, we brought in our administrative team, our teachers, plus a couple of parents. You name it. We all sat together in one big group and said, “Look, this is not about leadership titles and ego here. This is about leadership for what’s best for our community.”

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