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4 ways to keep your school resilient during distance learning 2.0

As the nation enters an uncertain new school year, being prepared and decisive during distance learning will be paramount to success

The first phase of distance learning shocked education systems across the nation as schools were forced to migrate students and staff to distance learning in a week’s time, leaving many struggling to simply “make it work.” Fast forward six months and schools are still dealing with the weight of the pandemic–but are now confronted with new, added challenges.

On top of preparing for a new year, which already comes with a demanding check list, our staff and students have the added stress of potentially achieving an academic year through a completely digital learning environment – which means it’s not just about getting laptops and connectivity into the hands of students – it’s about an ongoing, optimal online learning environment.

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Whether schools are operating completely remotely or implementing a hybrid version that incorporates both in-person and distance learning, we all have to ensure that our devices – whether being used by administrators, teachers, or students – are fully operational, secured, and kept up to date for the duration of the entire school year, no matter what it may bring.

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