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3 ways to improve online learning security

Class is in session in classrooms and students’ homes all across the nation—here’s how to ensure that online learning security is a priority

Over the coming weeks, students, teachers and caregivers alike have adjusted to the modern-day classroom – many of which consist of a full or hybrid online learning model. This virtual shift brought on by COVID-19 comes with many unique challenges, and one of the most concerning is ensuring optimal online learning security across new and emerging technologies.

School districts across the country have rolled out new technologies to accommodate virtual learning options, ranging from video conferencing tools to educational mobile applications. But, more often than not, deploying these solutions is based first and foremost on convenience and accessibility, with online learning security falling by the wayside.

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Making matters worse, today’s sophisticated cybercriminals are well aware of the opportunity presented by online learning, targeting their attacks accordingly. In fact, recently, the Humble Independent School District in Texas suffered a cyber attack during the first day of online learning, disrupting the district’s servers and causing students and teachers to resort to offline measures. Given today’s complex, evolving threat landscape, this may not be the only instance we hear of malicious actors taking advantage of vulnerable online learning systems and software.

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