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4 ways teens can jumpstart their careers from home

Summer is a great time to explore career-related activities--an in some cases, students can pursue these interests into the fall

For teens, summer usually means playing sports, volunteering at summer camps, hanging out with friends, or working a summer job. Because of the pandemic, many of these activities were put on the shelf this year.

While they may not be able to have the same in-person summer experiences they traditionally look forward to, young people can still have a fun and educational summer with their friends by taking part in virtual opportunities – even preparing them for future careers.

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Nearly all hiring managers indicate they are having trouble finding qualified job candidates to fill open positions because of gaps in technical skills or gaps in soft skills like effective communication. By 2030 the skills gap is estimated to cost businesses trillions of dollars worldwide.

Career experiences like internships help students discover what they love and teach them key skills employers look for when making hiring decisions.

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