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How tech supports students’ emotional well-being during school shutdowns

Four ways districts can effectively support their students’ social and emotional well-being when those students can’t be in a face-to-face environment on campus.

Schools around the world are in uncharted waters right now as they strive to balance shutdowns and social distancing regulations with the need for educational continuity as schools begin reopening.

Most have turned to remote learning as a viable alternative during this disruptive moment in time, knowing that with good technology, teacher support, and parental buy-in, we can make it through anything.

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One tool we leaned heavily on during this upheaval is our student safety platform. Implemented about nine years ago, Gaggle helps us quickly identify problematic or dangerous content in student email and documents.

During COVID-19, the number of reports had initially become more frequent, likely due to the higher volume of “socializing” that’s now taking place online (versus in person).

Abruptly switching 10,000 students to remote learning was quite an undertaking, but like most districts, we managed to make it work. Along with starting to deliver an engaging academic experience, we also are paying close attention to our students’ social and emotional well-being while they are away from campus.

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