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About The Center for Institutional Finance

Church and Educational Financing

The Center for Institutional Finance provides church and educational facility financing and investment banking services for churches, religious affiliated organizations, faith-based K-12 academies, universities, colleges, senior living facilities, and non-profit organizations.

We provide a full range of financial services to meet your funding and working capital needs for  your church, school, senior living facility, or educational project!  Our full service company also manages your fund-raising campaign and provides the capital funds needed to complete your project!  We developed “Right-Sized Debt” tm to provide the perfect balance of contributions and mortgages, loans, working capital, or long-term debt.

What We Do​

The Center for Institutional Finance carefully listens to your project financing needs, then assigns our team of financing experts who then become a part of YOUR TEAM.  Together, we develop the loan, working capital, capital market financing, or revenue enhancement strategy critical to meeting your needs for church, educational, not-for-profit, multi-family, or senior living project funding.  

Our highly specialized financial experts also develop planned giving and project financing sources to generate new income for your church or organization.

Church and Educational Financing

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Our Services

Church Loans

When considering church financing, the first steps are determining your short and long term goals. Once identified, we will then evaluate the different types of financing programs available to you.

Working Capital

At times, the flow of revenue required to sustain the growth of your organization may vary. Our working capital program may be a solution for your capital needs. Contact our offices today and we will identify some viable options.

Charter and Private School Financing

CFIF is one of the nation’s leading financial experts in charter school and private school financing. Our expertise and experience in education finance include managing working capital funding for some of the nation’s largest banks.

Nonprofit Financing

When financing a nonprofit-based project, a team of seasoned professionals is required to review and prepare a package that is comprehensive and detailed.  Servicing non-profits with financial and capital acquisition programs is the cornerstone of our service. 


The Center For Institutional Financing Testimonials
The Center For Institutional Finance helped us transform our Christian Academy into one of the largest and most successful schools in Florida in nearly miraculous fashion. At every step in our journey, CFIF was by our side, working for our financial and operating success and performing as our dedicated partner. They helped us achieve our miracle and continue to help us grow and flourish.
When we first met the people from The Center For Institutional Finance at a Bishop’s leadership conference in New Orleans, they promised they would do everything possible to help us achieve our vision of a new college campus to replace the much too small, overcrowded church building that was our church home. The new college campus was magnificent in every regard, with 16 acres of centrally located land and an impressive building as the focal point of the campus We highly recommend The Center For Institutional Finance and enjoyed working with Chuck Devers, President. They were consistently available for us and we believe they will serve each of their clients the same as they served us. They have been a true blessing
Dr. Harvey_Thursday Rice
Dr. Harvey & Thursday Rice
CEO Maranatha Fellowship Church